Low-Rise Window Cleaning Services

High Rise Cleaning

Cleaning high rise buildings can be challenging, requiring specialised expertise and equipment to get the job done properly. Fortunately, the specialists at CFM Facilities boast the knowledge and experience to provide professional high rise cleaning. From pressure cleaning car park areas through to washing exterior walls and windows, we have you covered.

Qualified & Certified

At CFM Facilities, our specialists are qualified and certified to work safely on buildings of any height. We are well equipped to take on rope access and elevated work platform window cleaning, which means we can make your windows look sparking on both the inside and out. Whether you want your windows cleaned on a weekly basis or more frequently, we can meet your needs.

The Latest Equipment

Our high rise clean and high rise builders clean experts have access to the latest equipment and utilise the most effective techniques. This includes using environmentally safe chemicals wherever possible. This allows us to tackle any job safely and efficiently without causing significant harm to the environment or other people in the area.

Minimising Disruptions

The team at CFM Facilities sympathise with people who think that cleaning companies cause disruptions. That’s why we make a conscious effort to minimise the amount of noise our activity generates so that it seems like we aren’t even there. If no one has become annoyed or raised any noise complaints, we like to think we’ve done our high rise cleaning job properly.

Inviting & Welcoming

High rise buildings should always look inviting and welcoming, especially if they’re high rise office buildings. After all, businesses need to create positive impressions on customers and clients if they don’t want to fall behind the competition. If you’ve recently renovated, our high rise builders clean services will ensure that your high rise building looks clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Discuss Your Requirements Today

If you need professional high rise cleaning or high rise builders clean services, you can rely on the specialists at CFM Facilities to deliver the best results. Get in touch with us today for more information and further assistance.

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